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At Born 2B Wild, our Canine Behaviourist Trainers bring calm to your home. Our focus is the health, safety and happiness of your furry family member. Whether this is through our excellent in-home training, board & train or boarding services, you and your pup will love our  Trainers.

Our Behaviourist Trainers specialize in Feral & Aggressive Reactivity but we also provide Puppy Training, Obedience Training, Grooming Training, Dog Park Training, Medial Assistance Training, Walk Training and much much more. We come directly to your home and know how to get your furry friend to trust us enough to walk them, train them, and help you as the family member understand the language of your dog and to understand what they are trying to tell you through their behaviour and body language. This allows the entire home to be able to communicate effectively and smoothly, calming both human and canine. Because you will receive customized training you won’t need as many sessions to receive optimal results. The average client only needs 2 sessions to see solid results (being consistent of course is key) and we provide you with an email description of the session notes and homework for optimal results. 


Dog Training

With some of Toronto & Mississauga’s most experienced Behaviourist Trainers, our goal is always to help you achieve calm with your dog. We train from Puppyhood to Seniors using calm leadership and positive association methods.  We customize all our training based on the dog you have, your home, lifestyle and who you are as people to maximize the most efficient training methods possible.

 We are very honest with our clients about their pups behaviour and expectations. Every dog has a different personality formed by a different way of thinking, learning and their own life experiences, both good and bad. 

During your in-Home Born 2B Wild Training sessions, we will educate you on what parameters your dog works within and you will learn how to speak their language. Together, we will teach you and your dog how to communicate effectively for the rest of your lives. All sessions include emailed notes and detailed homework instruction.

For Aggressive/Feral dogs: We completely understand your frustration. You see the loving beautiful pup one minute and then an unrecognizable terror the next. We can train your dog. There is not a behaviour we cannot change, a dog we cannot bring to calm. This is what we do. 

What we will do most of all, is train you and your family. You will learn to speak your dog’s language, change your dogs reactivity, eliminate their fear and calm their aggressive behaviour, all while bringing calm to you as well. We understand how emotionally difficult reactive behaviour can be and we help you to remain calm and confident as well. 

Puppy Prep Class

Our In-Home Express Puppy Prep Class is the most advanced single course of it’s kind! We cover all your basic needs: Obedience, Crate, Potty, Walking, Fun Recall Games and Breed Specific Games! All customized for your pup, you and your home. Extension classes and packages available for more one-on-one time with our trainers. 

Adoption Prep

Looking to adopt a new pup? Have no idea how to introduce your newly adopted pup into the home or to other pets? This Session is for you! We will cover the psychology of what your pup is going through, how to prep the home, how to encourage confidence and tackle your pup’s pre-existing behaviours. We also offer assistance to help pick out the best dog for your family. That’s right, we’ll come with you to the Adoption Agency!

*Travel fee may apply depending on the location of the Adoption Agency.

Introduction to Dogs

Got a dog and have no idea what you got yourself into? We can help! With a free assessment we can help tackle all the behaviour issues being displayed (jumping, barking, nipping etc…) and also teach you basic obedience and recall. Depending on the level of need, more time may be required to work with your pup. Your trainer will be open and honest about a long-term program (if needed) for your pup. Our sessions includes help for all Feral, Rescue and Reactive pups. We’re here for you!

Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding is currently available Downtown Toronto & Mississauga in the Meadowvale/Erin Mills area. All boarding includes basic training: Calm in home, bark prevention, learning permission on furniture, basic walk training, basic manners training. 

Board & Train is available at both our Toronto & Mississauga Locations and we accept all bite history dogs in our board and train programs. Training Sessions with the household is mandatory for all Board & Train programs. Without learning how to maintain the structure provided during the Board & Train, your dog’s behaviour will go right back to the way it was.

Doggy Daycare: Available only in our Mississauga Location, our structured doggy daycare is an excellent solution for your short term absences. We only take a limited amount of dogs at the same time so you know they are properly monitored. Your pup will love our long walks in the forests where they get to sniff and explore for hours. Rain, Shine, Sleet or Snow, your dog will be walked and exercised throughout their stay. Dogs are segregated and do not interact with each other so you don’t have to worry about accidents or incidents occuring while in our care. Potty breaks occur every 2-3 hours.

Exotic Pet Assistance

Have questions about your exotic pet? Want to get one, but have no idea where to go? Our Exotic Pet Expert can help! Whether it is how to find the best exotic pet for your lifestyle, help with behaviour issues, assistance with enclosures, enrichment ideas or rehabilitation, Born 2B Wild can help!
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Born 2B Wild Pet Services is committed to respecting the privacy of individuals and recognizes a need for the appropriate management and protection of any personal information that you agree to provide to us. We will not share your information with any third party outside of our organization, other than as necessary to fulfill your request.

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